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Welcome to Yours Truly Decor

Welcome to “Yours Truly Decor”. We have collected these beautiful decorations from our family and have used them for many family weddings and other special events. We treasure these decorations; they have a lot of meaning to us. A lot of the pieces were hand crafted by Terry Williams. We are excited to share them with you on your special day. We want to make your wedding as stress free as possible, so we also offer to set up the decorations for your wedding with a $200.00 extra set up fee. We will personally help you plan your wedding decoration layout. And we will always come to you. We deliver your wedding decoration the night before or day of your wedding. Just make an appointment by calling Shanae at 801-604-9789 or email. To make the appointment. Most successful, please draw an outline or take a picture of the building you will have your wedding at or you could even take us to the building. Check out Services/Prices for a detailed list of all decorations. We will help you have a stress free magical wedding day.

Yours Truly Decor

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